Net Cash

• State-of-the-art banking technology.

• Efficient management and control of company resources

• Protection of banking data to account holders.

• Multiple transactions in seconds.

SAP Business
By Design

Integrated Payroll
System (SIN)

Operational Monitoring
System (OMS)

OMESE applies Technology to all its services, using an: Operational Monitoring System (OMS)Integrated Payroll System (SIN) ), SAP By Desing, Bancomer Netcash.

  1. Operational Monitoring System (OMS)

  • Ensure that the service is completed based on the contractual terms
  • Service Points mapped on Google maps
  • Activities scheduled and designated in real-time
  • Areas of opportunity to assign new tasks
  • Recording and monitoring by using specialized servers
  • Reliable, and recorded on the server
  1. Integrated Payroll System (SIN)

  • Management of all resources in The Cloud
  • Enforced Tax Rates
  • Tracking of Employee Attendance/Workplace Incidents
  • Issuance of Reports
  1. System SAP By Desing

OMESE uses SAP to administer the Financial, Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Operations and Administrative Departments.

  1. Bancomer Netcash

  • Worldwide, cutting-edge banking technology.
  • Efficent management and control of enterprises’ resources.
  • Banking data protection for clients.
  • Multiple transactions in seconds.