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The main objective is the care of its facilities through functional and innovative implementation of specialized techniques.

  • Design of specific and customized Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Programs, depending on the type of activity and infrastructure.
  • Development and Systematization of methods applying efficient technologies with
    social, economic and environmental benefits.
  • Scope of Operations
    1. Electrical installations
    • Electric power
    • Lighting


    1. Hydraulic and sanitary installations 
    1. Conduction
    2. Waste


    1. Comfort equipment installations
    1. Extraction Equipment
    2. Air Conditioner
    3. Plant Emergency
    4. Refrigeration equipment
    5. Fire Equipment protection systems
    6. Uninterruptible power
    7. Electrical substations


  1. Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  1. Painting
  2. Carpentry
  3. Waterproofing
  4. Sheetrock
  5. Remodeling
  6. landscaping
  7. Architectural projects
  8. Civil work


  1. Sustainable Projects